Do you remember reading my post on 3D printers?

You may remember my post, when I first heard of the newest technology 3D printing.  If not, don’t stress.  Check it out here.

Well today as I began investigating, as a  tool for my new curation of resources for Implementing the Australian Curriculum: Technologies.  I stumbled across this story about the recent use a of 3D printer.   Click on the image below to check it out


Amazing!  You may also be surprised at the prices of the printers in the image above., with the smaller printer started at only $1299.  Surely these will soon be in schools, if not already.


Reflection of the EDC3100 course.

Although at times this course has had be at breaking point I have gained a massive amount of knowledge from completing this course.

I have engaged in a facebook group to share ideas and assistance, trialed many ICT applications, processes and websites, searched and shared for good resources and websites, followed other students and proffessionals blogs.  I have a folder full of links to good resources.

Due to the course structure and requirements I have probably engaged and therefore learnt more from this course than many others I have completed. Although the workload was huge i was scaffolded through each week and it was great to be able to monitor my progress throughout the activities.

There are some aspects of this course that I did’nt engage in.  Diigo was one of them.  I now have a lot of information but it is a little unorganised and sometime difficult to find. I do need to remind myself to start using this appplication.  I was however glad I didnt waste my time with twitter. 
I while I am relieved it is coming to an end I hope many other courses are structured similar to this one.  I strongly reccomement re-reading ( if you can spare the time) all of the blogs you have completed during this course.  You will surprise yourself.

150 Ways to intergrate ICTs

Scanning through some of the activites I have completed throughout this course I remembered the google spreadsheet we looked at earlier inthe course.  The spreadsheet of 150 ways to intergrate ICTs into your classes.  It provided detail on the learning type and approach, a detailed description and links the the necessary resources. 

I am glad I re-discovered this spreadsheet at it  has some amazing ideas.  I have now saved this link to my favourites.  After completing this course I have been immersed in a range of different ICTs during my learning.  I have only been able to trial such a small amount of these in my own learning and teaching.  I hope to be able to continue to trial and experiment with many more of these ideas before I begin teaching in my own class.

Keep Vid

Searching for some inspriration for my next few blogs I set about reading other students blogs.  I came across this blog which I thought  had some great points on intergrating ICTs into the classroom. 
I also loved the reference to  Keepvid.  A simple application you can use to record videos and utube clips to usb.  I wish I had seen this earlier as internet connectivity was very poor at my school and I was constantly having to think on the spot when the connection failed. 


Teacher Resources

I think we all have to agree that we have a bit of an edge on past pre-service teachers.  With C2C and the internet gone are the days of spending hours sitting your desk trying to think of ideas for your classroom and designing posters and charts for your classroom. 

Reading Nicole’s blog on Teachers Pay Teachers I thought I’d have a look.

There are many free resources and this one in particular caught my attention.

The great pencil war!

In the amount of time i spent on prac dealing with missing pencils and students wandering the classroom knowing they could just pull out the old ‘ im sharpening my pencil’ trick I could teach a whole unit.

Add it to your favourites list.



What I learnt on Prac.

Not ICT related but I wanted to share a small activity Iearnt from my mentor this prac.  It has nothing to do with teaching content but more about building realationships.  As my focus on teaching tends to be with middle years, building relations with students is of the highest importance.  During the whole prac I spent the first 10 minutes of every break sitting and eating my lunch with the year 4 students.  During this time I would allow the students to lead the converstaion.  In three weeks I learnt so much about my students homelife, interests, what they enjoyed about my teaching and lessons and what they didnt.  I used this time to discover ways to relate what I was teaching (curriculum) to their interests and their world. 


I would have to say that this 10 mintues per day was the most important thing I did for the whole prac and I recommend all teachers do this to;

1. spend time with their students and

2.  Eat some lunch and have a break!

Behaviour Management

I just thought I would share my thoughts on behaviour management and prac.  This prac was my fourth.  My previous schools were what I would consider, “leafy green schools”, that is in a nice suburb with ‘good’ students.  This prac I experienced the opposite in a low socio – economic community. 

WOW! Did I get an eye opener! 

At first I was really disapointed in my teaching.  I thought I would just pickup from last prac and continue teaching at that standard. This time I found it difficult to get students to engage and complete even half of the lesson.  I may not have used loads of ICTs but by the end of the prac I had plenty of practice with BM skills and my lessons were greatly improved.  It is my belief that it doesnt matter how great a teacher you are, without good behaviour management you will struggle. 

My point.  Try and take a prac placement at a  really challenging school or class.  It sure wasnt easy but what I learnt in those three weeks cannot be taught from books or in a class with one or two challenging students.


During my time in the year four class I used a few animations to explain activities to my year four students.  I wanted them to be able to make their own animations but the programs I used were a little to advanced for them and time was short.  Using my PLN (facebook group) another students suggested goanimate.  After a few minutes trialing the program I found an easy template that students could use to create their own animation.  I used this activity to allow the students to reflect on the weeks activities.  Here is an example of one of the videos the students created.


Firstly I would like to apologise for not remebering where or who brought this website to my attention. 

Instagrok, apart from an aweful name, is a search engine designed especially for students.  After you search your keywords, it presents its information as an interactive mind map which includes text, pictures and videos.  I found this to be useful to assist students to organise their thoughts and findings when researching topics on the internet and kept students from wandering too far away from the topic they were originally researching.  Students can delete information from there mindmap and also save it for future reference.

There is also a feature to adjust the students age to differentiate the amount of information that is provided by the search.  I trialled this during my prac experience and give it the big thumbs up!