I wish I had known about this resource earlier!

Everytime I enter a classroom I am amazed and shocked at what students are capable of acheiveing. After viewing this short video of a year 4 assessment I wished I had known about these types of programs for other lessons and activities I have planned and delivered. I was also very surprised that such a program can be downloaded free for education purposes. Trimble sketch also run a blog which is full of ideas that you may be able to incorporate into classrooms of various year levels. It is surprising to me when I reflect on the tools I had available to me during my education such as paintbrush and compare this to a program such as trimble sketch.

Recently I had students design a school as part a a maths learning experience. I can only imagine how much more they would have been engaged if I had used this resouce. I wonder what types of tools will be available in another 10 years.

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