Trouble printing? Upgrade today!

Further to my last post, I mentioned my thought about what  types of resources students could be using into the future.  3D printers are something that I have heard about a few times so I thought I would google it to see what its all about.

This is what I thought 3d printing would do – replicate solid object with paper mache like a ball.

What a 3d printer can actually do.


4 thoughts on “Trouble printing? Upgrade today!

  1. Hi Jake,
    I was also wondering about what these could actually do and amazed watching this clip. Have checked out teh price and they range between 10,000 and 50,000 so may be a while before we see then in the class room?

  2. Thank you Karen and Jamie for your comments. $50 000 may seem so out of reach but I think schools will have acess sooner that you may think. Interactive whiteboards now cost 2-3 thousand dollars. How much would they have cost 10 years ago when schools first started installing them? Many schools I have visited have class sets of IPADs, 30 X $600 = $18 000, and finally how much did a computer lab set up cost 20 years ago when I was at school (WOW, saying that hurt :P) 30 computers at a cost of, lets say 30 x $5000 = $90 000.

    What interests me the most is how these could be used to enhance teaching and learning to benifit the students.

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