C2C – Helpful or worthless to the Student Teacher

With practical experience upcoming I have been surfing my PLN to gain some great ICTs to implement into my year 4 classroom.  This blog by Bec which looked at the access and implementation of C2C for student teachers.  She also points out a link to a blog written by our course lecturer where he gives his thoughts and opinions of C2C. 

I would like to share my thoughts and (limited) experiences on the topic.  Firstly, I have used C2C for some previous pracs and have identified the following advantages.

  1. I was able to read some really great lesson plans/units and assessments.
  2. Links to further resources where provided.
  3. I was able to gain a good understanding of what students have previously done before my placement
  4. I was able to concentrate on my instruction and differentiation to my classes needs.
  5. I was able to cut out parts I thought were not useful and replace with activites that worked for class and my teaching approach.


I also encoutnered several problems

  1. Difficulty accessing C2C to view/prepare for lessons
  2. Fitting all the c2c activities into the allocated lesson time.
  3. If students needed more time on certain aspects I felt pressure to keep moving to the C2C timeline rather than to the pace of the students.
  4. The C2C is so packed and doesnt really allow for other school interuptions.such as public holidays and swimming carnivals
  5. I have heard of teachers who become lazy and simply teach c2c straight from the lesson plan displayed on the interactive whiteboard.

That said, I see the advantages of planning from scratch and planning with access to c2c as a student teacher.  I would like to see some interaction with C2C during my studies but also still like the experience of creating my own lesson and unit plans. 

I would be interested to hear about our experiences with C2C as a student teacher.


One thought on “C2C – Helpful or worthless to the Student Teacher

  1. I haven’t had access to C2C myself and have planned all my lessons myself for pracs to date, so am not able to comment on my experiences. However, I would be very interested to have a look, would certainly take some of the stress out of knowing what expectations are while using the Australian Curriculum, especially, as you say, if you can tailor the lessons with your own content. Thanks for this information.


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